Dance Cards


Dance Cards


A dance card was commonly used at social dances as a means for young women to record their memories of the event. The dance cards in this collection are from social events that occurred on campus between 1919 and 1967, with several dates unknown. Many of these dance cards are handmade and reflect the theme of the dance. Often, a pencil was attached with a small cord so that the dance card could be easily filled with the names of dance partners.

This collection of dance cards was purchased from Dan Weaver, an antique dealer in Independence, with funds donated to the WOU Foundation for the WOU Archives. The dance cards along with a poster collection came from the building that the Swenson Brother occupied with their printing business in Monmouth.




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Western Oregon University

Collection Items

Dance Card, 1919, Junior Prom
Approximately 5.5x2.5 inches; rectangle; blue-green (background), white (text), pink (image); Blue-green background (looks more green in the digital image) with a pink image of something at the bottom (a rose?, unsure) and white text, which reads…

Dance Card, 1920
5.25x3 inches; rectangle; grey (background), red, green; Image of two flowers with red petals and green leaves/stems; at the bottom, it reads "ONS 1920"

Dance Card, 1920, Thanksgiving Dance
5.5x3 inches; rectangle; Autumn orange, black (text); Orange background with black text and image; cover reads "O.N.S. Thanksgiving Dance 1920" with the silhouette of a turkey also featured

Dance Card, 1921, Stocking
Christmas stocking shape, approximately 5.5x2.5 inches; Red; Christmas stocking shape, with toys, candy canes, and miscellenious other things protruding out the top; "XMAS '21 O.N.S." is written prominently on the front

Dance Card, 1921, Pumpkin
Approximately 4x4.5 inches; pumpkin-shaped; Orange and green; Shape and design of a pumpkin, which includes a green stem and green leaf, otherwise orange

Dance Card, 1921
Approximately 5x2.5; rectangle; grey (background), brown, blue, green, red, black; Image of a basket of colorful flowers (blue, green, red); black text underneath reads "ONS May 14 1921"

Dance Card, 1921, Autumn Leaf
Approximately 5 inches around; leaf-shaped; Leaf-shaped booklet, Orange and red; orange toward the center and red more toward the edges, it includes the text "Autumn 1921 O.N.S."

Dance Card, 1921, Spring
Approximately 4x2.5 inches; rectangle; Blue, pink, green, black; Pink flowers and green stems/vines on a blue background; text, in black, reads "1921 Spring"

Dance Card, 1922, Owl
Owl on a circular backing; circle is approximately 4.75 inches across; Owl is black with greenish eyes and the circular backing is orange; Owl protrudes the circle at the top, where the owl's head is; "O.N.S. Oct '22" is written at the bottom

Dance Card, 1922
Approximately 8x3.5 inches; Black (background), green, pink, blue, orange; Abstractly-shaped in black with images of different-colored flowers dangling, and underneath it reads "ONS (vertically) May 6, '22"

Dance Card, 1922
Approximately 6x3; rectangle; Black, green, pink, yellow; slightly abstract image of a pink flower on the cover, surrounded by a green border; near the bottom reads "O.N.S. June 10 '22"

Dance Card, 1923
Approximately 3.5x2.5; rectangle; White, green, gold; Shamrock cutout (three-leaf) from white with next page green; bottom of cover reads "O.N.S. 1923"

Dance Card, 1923
Approximately 6x4.75; basket-shaped; Black, reddish-orange, green, yellow, brownish-gold, blue; Baket-shaped booklet; image of a flower basket, with many colors of green, yellow, red, etc.; text reads "O.N.S. Junior Prom June '23"

Dance Card, 1923
Approximately 4x2.5 inches; rectangle; Off-white, yellow, green; Small off-white booklet with long vetical green lines to the left side of the cover and splashes of yellow above them, apparently flowers; text reads "ONS '23"

Dance Card, 1923, Beehive
Approximately 4.25x3 inches; beehive-shaped;Light blue, gold, black; Beehive-shaped booklet, light blue in color, with "1923" written on it

Dance Card, 1924, Butterfly
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, with yellow and blue; silver print; Cover has an image of a butterfly with blue wings and a yellow-gold outline and head; silver print at the bottom which reads "O.N.S. May '24"

Dance Card, 1924
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, white, orange, yellow, green; Booklet cover, no interior, no back cover; Jack-O-Lantern on the front as well as a leaf

Dance Card, 1924, Butterfly
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, grey-silver, tan, gold; Booklet, side-view of a butterfly(?); "O.N.S. May '24"

Dance Card, 1925, Junior Formal
4x3.25 inches; acorn-shaped; Light brown, black; Somewhat acorn-shaped booklet, ONS logo at the bottom, handwritten "Junior Formal November 7 1925"

Dance Card, 1926, Junior Prom
Approximately 3.75x2.5; rectangle; Purple, with orange, yellow, and green; Two flowers on the cover, one yellow and one green, both with orange in the center, on the same green stem; purple backround and yellow text which reads "JUNIOR PROM"

Dance Card, 1931, Spring
Approximately 3.5x2.5 inches; rectangle; Green, black; Green booklet; text, in black, reads "Spring 1931"
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