Monmouth University Records


Monmouth University Records


Board of Trustees Record Book, 1855-1882
This is the oldest WOU-related item in the University Archives. The record book contains meeting minutes, financial data, and campus building plans from WOU’s earliest days.

In January 1856, pioneers from Illinois founded Monmouth University. They allocated a portion of their federally-granted land claims for university property, and named the settlement Monmouth after their home town. J.B. Smith, Thomas Lucas and Ira F.M. Butler were among the founders. Butler was for many years President of the Board of Trustees, and the minutes ledger kept by Butler provide a historical record of the Trustees early decisions. In this artifact’s first ten years, the university’s office of the presidency had not yet been institutionalized. The first official president was Levi Lindsay Rowland. He was inaugurated in 1865.



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