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A banner reading 'TO-HOOT-WITH-THE-OWLS' on the front of Todd Hall. A cut out wolf pointing to the banner with the letters OCE on his shirt. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1953, page 32.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations in front of the Maaske Hall with a large sign depicting a bank called 'Maaskeville Bank Inc' and in front are cutouts of cowboys and a small sign that reads 'Shoot Cal Western.'
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A Paper Mache wolf holding a book reading 'By The Women of Cottage' stands on the front lawn of The Cottage. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

Small Illustration of a bulky, muscly wolf with the words "WOSC Supporters… Be one! Buy One? Ask at the Register. Go Wolves".
LAMRON, September 20, 1984, page 10.

"Name Our Team" Poem written by Le Moine Murray. Poem Reads: "Sing a song of nicknames. Which one will you choose? There's Normans, Wolves and Owls, One can win, the rest must lose. Or if you know a better, Just send it in to us; Our football team…

A group photo from the senior class play "Queen's Masque", performed on a June 13th May Day. The writing on the side of the photo reads "Senior Class Play. Tuesday June 13, 'Queen's Masque,'", the writing on the top of the photo reads, "Garland…

"What Shall we Call Them?" article asking students to start for ideas of what to name the school mascot.
The Lamron, October 9, 1928, page 1.

A science class from the late 1800s posing for a class photo.

Winter 1888 Oregon State Normal School commencement decorations on the stage of the auditorium in Campbell Hall.

Students and a teacher pose for a group portrait from the class of 1904. Handwritten in the border are names and numbers with lines drawn to persons in the image: "Maud Cox, Bella Baird, Geo. Murdock, LA Robeson, Mary Quick, Laura Snelling, and…

Photograph of the 1920 May Day Court.

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Portrait Image of Coach Larry Wolfe with a quote from him underneath. "I believe we can look with a great deal of confidence to the future of athletics in The Oregon Normal School. A splendid spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship has been shown by…

A black, white and red wood block of a wolf. This was the first time that a wolf as the school mascot appears in a school publication.
The Norm, 1929, page 134b.

Group photograph of the 1936 Basketball team wearing 'Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1936, page 80.

Group photograph of the 1937 Track Team wearing "Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1937, page 80.

Black and white illustration collage used as the title page for organizations in the 1943 The Grove yearbook. The sketch includes a wolf, theater masks, arrows, and a banner that reads 'Service' in the middle.
The Grove, 1943, page 39.

Black and white Illustration used as a title page for the activities section of the 1943 Grove Yearbook. The sketch includes a stylized image of a wolf with a gavel, a cup of tea with kettle and the words Lamron and Grove.
The Grove, 1943, page 13.…

A red ink illustration of a hungry wolf with black '1947' across the lower part of the illustration.
The Grove, 1947, page 00 .

A detail from the 1947 Grove year of a red illustration of a red wolf in the lower corner on every page.
The Grove, 1947

A detail from the 1947 Grove year of a red illustration of a red wolf paw print on every page.
The Grove, 1947.

A group picture of the Wolf Knights with a wolf emblem on their uniform sweater.
The Grove, 1948, page 55.
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