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A float in the Monmouth Centennial parade depicting life in 1856 (left) and in 1956 (right). Handwriting on verso gives names.

Several women, including one in a mermaid costume, ride an open float at the Monmouth Centennial parade.

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Members of the Butler and Campbell families dining together outdoors. Includes: T.F. Campbell; Alice Butler; Maggie Butler; J.V.B. Butler; Prince Campbell.

Ten men standing outdoors, posing for photo. At least three of the men are members of the Butler family. Writing on verso indicates that one man is the nephew of J.V.B. Butler, while another is the son of Ira F.M. Butler. Writing on verso indicates…

Monmouth Chamber of Commerce float participating in a parade at the Monmouth Centennial. Float consists of model brick buildings.

Small class reunion at the home of Maggie and Alice Butler. Around 20 individuals.

A float at the Monmouth Centennial parade which reads "Feeds Co-operative Warehouse." Float is pulled by a two-horse team.

Presumably a portrait of Cora Rossiter. Verso describes Miss Rossiter as a 6th grade teacher. Verso discusses Strong family.

Posted in The Lamron, July 11, 1977. Caption reads: "200 Plus 1, Plus 2, Plus 3, Plus 4 . . . -- Celebrating the nation's 201st birthday, Monmouth and Independence chose that for the theme of the annual Forth of July parade. Hundreds of people…

12 people, including Monmouth Centennial queen Lois Flaming and Mayor Howard Morlan, at crowning of Lois Flaming.

Men and women flanking Centennial queen Lois Flaming sitting on her throne. Names of women in photo handwritten on verso: Nancy Watson, Gloria Popoff, Lois Flaming, Marcella McDaniel, Beverly Flaming.

A horse-drawn wagon at the Monmouth Centennial parade. A sign at the front of the horse team reads "The Dalton Gang." Handwriting on verso reads: Kenneth Dalton / Ellen Dalton / & Family."

Article about the David Stump House in Monmouth, by David Campbell. Unknown publication.

"As we are Dec. 1896. Miss Fani's Room." Three women seated in a room. One woman with her feet propped by a wood stove; one woman seated on a fur skin rug in conversation with a woman holding a book. A mirror atop a chest of drawers holds…

Monmouth and Independence Bus pulling U.S. Mail trailer, circa 1919.

Exterior view of the Monmouth post office. Three persons pose on the wooden sidewalk (two in front, one on the side) before a muddy, dirt street. This photograph is noted as Monmouth's first post office by Scott McArthur in "Monmouth Oregon the Sage…

The interior of the Monmouth post office when it was located in the Monmouth Improvement Co. building about 1910. Four persons are posing for the photograph. Note the old roll top desk which is now part of the WOU archives collections.

Facing east on Main Street in Monmouth, circa 1950s or early 1960s.

Facing southwest on Main Street in Monmouth, circa 1950s or early 1960s.

Around three dozen individuals, family names of those pictured includes: Butler, Smith, Davidson, Mason, Lucas, Powell. Most names listed on verso.
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