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Approximately 5.5x2.5 inches; rectangle; blue-green (background), white (text), pink (image); Blue-green background (looks more green in the digital image) with a pink image of something at the bottom (a rose?, unsure) and white text, which reads…
5.25x3 inches; rectangle; grey (background), red, green; Image of two flowers with red petals and green leaves/stems; at the bottom, it reads "ONS 1920"
5.5x3 inches; rectangle; Autumn orange, black (text); Orange background with black text and image; cover reads "O.N.S. Thanksgiving Dance 1920" with the silhouette of a turkey also featured
Approximately 5x2.5; rectangle; grey (background), brown, blue, green, red, black; Image of a basket of colorful flowers (blue, green, red); black text underneath reads "ONS May 14 1921"
Approximately 5 inches around; leaf-shaped; Leaf-shaped booklet, Orange and red; orange toward the center and red more toward the edges, it includes the text "Autumn 1921 O.N.S."
Approximately 4x4.5 inches; pumpkin-shaped; Orange and green; Shape and design of a pumpkin, which includes a green stem and green leaf, otherwise orange

Approximately 4.5 inches around; shamrock shaped; Green and gold; Three-leafed shamrock-shaped, with gold writing which reads, "O.N.S. JUNIOR 1921"
Approximately 4x2.5 inches; rectangle; Blue, pink, green, black; Pink flowers and green stems/vines on a blue background; text, in black, reads "1921 Spring"
Christmas stocking shape, approximately 5.5x2.5 inches; Red; Christmas stocking shape, with toys, candy canes, and miscellenious other things protruding out the top; "XMAS '21 O.N.S." is written prominently on the front
Approximately 8x3.5 inches; Black (background), green, pink, blue, orange; Abstractly-shaped in black with images of different-colored flowers dangling, and underneath it reads "ONS (vertically) May 6, '22"
Approximately 6x3; rectangle; Black, green, pink, yellow; slightly abstract image of a pink flower on the cover, surrounded by a green border; near the bottom reads "O.N.S. June 10 '22"

approximately 5x3 inches; rectangle; Black, white, light green, gold (star), pinkish-red (border); Abstract design where an upside-down tree shape, with a white border, meets with another abstract shape which is almost rombus-like (also black with…
Owl on a circular backing; circle is approximately 4.75 inches across; Owl is black with greenish eyes and the circular backing is orange; Owl protrudes the circle at the top, where the owl's head is; "O.N.S. Oct '22" is written at the bottom
Approximately 3.5x2.5; rectangle; White, green, gold; Shamrock cutout (three-leaf) from white with next page green; bottom of cover reads "O.N.S. 1923"
Approximately 6x4.75; basket-shaped; Black, reddish-orange, green, yellow, brownish-gold, blue; Baket-shaped booklet; image of a flower basket, with many colors of green, yellow, red, etc.; text reads "O.N.S. Junior Prom June '23"
Approximately 4x2.5 inches; rectangle; Off-white, yellow, green; Small off-white booklet with long vetical green lines to the left side of the cover and splashes of yellow above them, apparently flowers; text reads "ONS '23"
Approximately 4.25x3 inches; beehive-shaped;Light blue, gold, black; Beehive-shaped booklet, light blue in color, with "1923" written on it

Approximately 5.5x3.53 inches, rocket-shaped; White, yellow, green, black; Rocket or silo-shaped booklet with what appear to be yellow flowers protruding out of the top, "ONS" on the shaft, and "May 1923" written underneath
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, white, orange, yellow, green; Booklet cover, no interior, no back cover; Jack-O-Lantern on the front as well as a leaf
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, with yellow and blue; silver print; Cover has an image of a butterfly with blue wings and a yellow-gold outline and head; silver print at the bottom which reads "O.N.S. May '24"
Approximately 3.5x2.25 inches; rectangle; Black, grey-silver, tan, gold; Booklet, side-view of a butterfly(?); "O.N.S. May '24"
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