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The Giant Sequoia as viewed from the Todd Hall Front lawn. A crane is seen bringing people up to the top of the tree.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations for a dormitory competition. The sign in front of Barnum reading 'Anything Goes' and includes drawing of a wolf head and a football player.
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

The 1969 Homecoming Court sitting outside of the College Center. Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Linda McFarlin, Elaine Foster, Susan Gayle, Kathy Amato, Linda Nisbett, Bobbi Donnell, Pat Taylor, Marti Mead, Patty Freshour

Photograph of student Sandra Lorenzen next to the stuffed wolf mascot.
The Grove, 1972, page 143.

View of the four men in the 1972 Football Coaching staff sitting on the football field with view of the stadium behind them. Caption below reads, "'No team is better than its coaching staff,' said Bill McArthur once. Above are the four men who mold…

Eleven Women pose by the Pergola
Back Row (left to right): Janet Wetzler, Butler Hall; Kenda Wilfong (off Campus); Cindy Edwards (Off Campus); Nancy Richards, queen (Off Campus); Phyllis Guile (Commuter); Jeanne Whiteaker, crown princess (Landers…

In April 1978, the Alumni Association held a Phon-a-thon for students to call alumni and request donations for the purpose of funding promotional advertising, library acquisitions, etc. In this photograph, a woman is holding cash in one hand and an…

An Outdoor Program student points towards the mountains in the distance with view of a bench to the right.

Three students from the Outdoor Program paddle across river with view of a man to the right.

The 1983 homecoming court sits in the stadium bleachers with other spectators sitting behind.

1983 Homecoming queen, Lisa Runyon, getting crowned by the former homecoming queen.

Homecoming Queen, Lisa Runyon bends down and looks up towards attendant, Linda Roth.

Homecoming Queen Lisa Runyon stands next to a car with escort, Brian Boquist

Close up shot of a man and woman standing arm in arm. View of the Old physical education building is behind.

Homecoming Queen, Hitomi Shibata, stands cradling a bouquet next to escort, Greg Pohll, as he looks at her.

Homecoming princess, Hitomi Shibata, being crowned by Lisa Runyon. Her escort, Greg Pohll looks towards her with a smile.

A homecoming princess looks to the side with view of a parking lot behind.

Homecoming princess, Christy, smiles towards the camera with her escort. The bleachers are seen behind them.

Homecoming Princess, Lisa, walking with her escort Dr. Jim Mienert. Partial view of the Old Physical Education Building behind them.

Homecoming Queen, Linda Roth, smiles while wearing a tiara behind a bouquet of flowers.

Homecoming queen, Linda Roth, sits in a car holding a bouquet while wearing a tiara. Taken from outside the car window.
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