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A metal bench, set in permanent concrete footings, encompasses a section of metal foliage that appears to grow out of the middle of the bench. This piece was created by Wayne Chabre as part of the one percent for public art program. The bench is…

Four bird sculptures attached to the side of Todd Hall, flying up.
The accompanying plaque reads, ""Ascent pays homage to learning and the wondrous awakening that is the result of an opened mind. The University is a nest, a safe place to discover,…

Nine-foot tall aluminum statue.
Cast aluminum
This sculpture was donated by Dr. Anton Postl (WOU Professor Emeritus), the Western Foundation, the Monmouth-Independence Community Arts Association, and the Oregon Arts Commission. It is located in the…

Large off-kilter round circle sculpture.
Corten Steel.

This sculpture is located on the west lawn of the Academic Programs and Support Center building. It was created by Charles W. Smith, who was a graduate of University of Washington and taught…
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