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This sculpture by Stuart Jacobson is located on the south side of the Alder View Townhouses. It is part of the Oregon's Percent for Art Program.

This abstract sculpture by Manuel Izquierdo is located in the Grove near the New Physical Education Building. Funding for the sculpture was provided by the Associated Students of Oregon College of Education (ASOCE) and the OCE Senate. It was…

This stained glass piece by Jack Archibald is located on the south wall of Valsetz Dining Hall. The plaque also reads "The acquisition of this work was made possible by Oregon's Percent for Art in Public Places program which is facilitated by the…

This sculpture by Jonathan Bonner was installed in October 1989 on the front patio of Heritage Hall.

This large tapestry entitled "Soliloquy" hangs at the first landing on the main staircase in Hamersly Library. The plaque also reads "Gobelins Tapestry" and "The acquisition of this work was made possible by Oregon's Percent for Art in Public Places…

This mural was painted by Neal W. Werner, who, at the time, made murals around campus. Later, Werner became director of the College Center. The mural is located in a stairwell in Valsetz Dining Hall that is not open to the public, but many student…

A metal bench, set in permanent concrete footings, encompasses a section of metal foliage that appears to grow out of the middle of the bench. This piece was created by Wayne Chabre as part of the one percent for public art program. The bench is…

Four bird sculptures attached to the side of Todd Hall, flying up.
The accompanying plaque reads, ""Ascent pays homage to learning and the wondrous awakening that is the result of an opened mind. The University is a nest, a safe place to discover,…

Large sculpture inspired by nature.
Located outside of Bellamy Hall.

Nine-foot tall aluminum statue.
Cast aluminum
This sculpture was donated by Dr. Anton Postl (WOU Professor Emeritus), the Western Foundation, the Monmouth-Independence Community Arts Association, and the Oregon Arts Commission. It is located in the…

Large off-kilter round circle sculpture.
Corten Steel.

This sculpture is located on the west lawn of the Academic Programs and Support Center building. It was created by Charles W. Smith, who was a graduate of University of Washington and taught…

Upclose of the west wall of Todd Hall with view of the sign in front reading, "Todd Hall
The Teaching Research Institute
The Child Development Center
Modern Languages". 'The Birds' sculpture is prominent in the center of the…

South wall of Todd Hall with view of 'The Birds' sculpture on the building. Taken from the west sidewalk with view of the Cottage on the right.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

Richard Woodcock Education Building as seen from across Monmouth Avenue with view of the metal flower art sculpture to the right.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

Landscape view of the Natural Science Building with view of the bridge, mermaid sculpture, and a few bikes parked next to the sign that reads, "Natural Science" as seen from Monmouth Avenue.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives
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