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Group pictures of the 1952-53 Basketball team. From the students yearbook, The Grove, 1953, page 82.

The 1951-52 Basketball team takes a knee and looks down at a chalk drawn plan on the basketball court floor drawn by Coach Livingston. A caption below reads, "Coach Livingston plots strategy with freshmen members of varsity. Left to right: LeRoy…

Darrel Davis shoots basketball towards net while opponents and team members look towards the ball. Bleachers full of spectators are seen behind. A caption below the image reads "Mouse Davis in the clear fires jumper for two against old rival…

Illustration of a wolf used in the early 1980's as an athletic invitation from Richard Meyers to attend the basketball games with words that read 'The Wolves Want You!' Waldo is drawn with a fierce expression and is pointing in the same fashion as…

Red Illustration of a realisitc wolf head bearing sharp teeth. This was used as a Basketball logo in 1981-82. Taken from the 1981-82 OCE Women's and Men's Basketball Schedule.
Old ACC.RG.2012.885, Clubs - Wolfpack Athletic Club. .

Group photograph of the 1936 Basketball team wearing 'Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1936, page 80.

Nine student basketball players and one coach/faculty member in a posed team photograph. Coach holding an OSNS pennant and the central player holding a basketball with OSNS 1902 painted on it. On the backside is handwritten "1901 - 2, Prof. Forbes…
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