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The Senior Bench was presented as a class gift from the Class of 1926. The original concrete bench had become old and worn so it was later replaced. Originally located on the east lawn of Campbell Hall underneath the Giant Sequoia, the Senior Bench…

A trio of benches located between Campbell Hall, Maple Hall, and Bellamy Hall. These three benches were donated by the Parents Club

This bench located between Hamersly Library and the Old College of Education building was dedicated to H. Dale Harp after he passed away in 1993. Harp served as president of the executive council of the associated students in 1954.

Twila Domine worked as the business manager for the Division for Creative arts for twenty three years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July, 2003, and in 2004 Domine received the Mario and Alma Pastege Staff Excellence Award. Domine passed…
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