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Home of Mrs. Martin in Monmouth. Several individuals and a cow posing in front of house.

Home of Mrs. Martin in Monmouth. Several individuals posing in garden.

Residence of A.W. Lucas in Monmouth, taken circa 1885. Several individuals standing outside of house. Further details handwritten on verso.

A view of the auction items for the Hamersly Library fundraiser for the Governor's Food Drive in February 2011.

A view across Monmouth Avenue of the Campus Elementary School (now ITC) and the Administration (Now the Lieuallen) buildings from the roof to the Natural Science building. Students are walking between classes.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations in front of the Maaske Hall with a large sign depicting a bank called 'Maaskeville Bank Inc' and in front are cutouts of cowboys and a small sign that reads 'Shoot Cal Western.'
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A student in the early 1970s being instated as a Todd Hall officer. Todd Hall was used as a women's dormitory until the late 1970s.

A student from the 1970s getting "tubbed" in the Todd Hall dormitory. Tubbing was an event that occurred when a woman got engaged — her friends would drag her into a bathtub and poor cold water on top of her.

A student from the 1970s after getting "tubbed" in the Todd Hall dormitory. Tubbing was an event that occurred when a woman got engaged — her friends would drag her in a bathtub and douse her with cold water.

Students sunbathing in the backyard of Todd Hall, circa 1940. Todd Hall was used as a dormitorty for female students until the mid-1960s.

The 1888 graduating class of Oregon State Normal School standing in front of Campbell Hall. Of note is the small tree on the left, the class gift of 1887, which is now the Giant Sequoia in front of Campbell Hall.

The Humanities and Social Sciences building, now known as Bellamy Hall, was built in 1964. The building was initially constructed to replace the south wing of Campbell Hall after it was disroyed in the 1962 Columbus Day Storm. The building was…

Set backdrop from a previous production inside auditorium of The Little Theater. The Little Theater was used as the theater building on campus until the construction of Rice Auditorium in 1976.

A photo of Gentle House circa the 1920s. Gentle House was built in 1880, purchased by the Thomas Gentle family in 1914, and donated by the university in 1981 by the Gentle family.

Students studying in the Campbell Hall library. The library was located in Campbell Hall until the 1951 construction of a new library building, now APSC.

Winter 1888 Oregon State Normal School commencement decorations on the stage of the auditorium in Campbell Hall.

The Smith Hall music building used to have outside concerts. In this photo, students are gathered on the lawn to the West of the building for an outside concert circa the 1970s.

The on-campus tennis courts, which are located across from the football stadium and next to Maple Hall, taken in the 1970s. These courts were dedicated to the ONS men who enlisted in World War I in May 6,1925.

Campbell Hall housed the university library until 1951, when a new library (now APSC) was built. APSC was replaced by Hamersly Library in 2000.

On June 6, 1978, a fire burned down McArthur Stadium. A new stadium was built in 1980 to replace the one that had perished in the fire.

Students from the 1970s gathered in a hallway of Todd Hall to have a hallway party. Built in 1913, Todd Hall was used as a women's dormitory until the 1970s, when it began housing the Teaching Research Division of the State System of Higher…
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