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Members of the Butler and Campbell families dining together outdoors. Includes: T.F. Campbell; Alice Butler; Maggie Butler; J.V.B. Butler; Prince Campbell.

Ten men standing outdoors, posing for photo. At least three of the men are members of the Butler family. Writing on verso indicates that one man is the nephew of J.V.B. Butler, while another is the son of Ira F.M. Butler. Writing on verso indicates…

Small class reunion at the home of Maggie and Alice Butler. Around 20 individuals.

Around three dozen individuals, family names of those pictured includes: Butler, Smith, Davidson, Mason, Lucas, Powell. Most names listed on verso.

Members of the Powell, Butler, Stump, and Smith families dining outdoors. Includes: Alice "Aunt Allie" Butler; Dr. James Powell; "Aunt Maggie" Butler; "Aunt" Marititha Powell-Arant; Ira C. Powell; Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Bankers); Cassie Stump. Other…
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