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Laura Harris, an alumna of Christian College, was a suffragist for the Oregon vote. In addition to her advocacy work, Mrs. Harris was involved in many clubs including the Eugene Lewis and Clark Club, where she help the office of president. This image…

Cassie Stump (left) and Ada Carlin (right).
Cassie Stump graduated from Christian College in 1875. While at Christian College, she founded the Vespertine Literary Society. In 1881, Miss Stump attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts where she…

Sarah Knox (left) and her son Frank Knox (top); Mary Stump Campbell (right) and her son David Campbell (bottom). Both Sarah and Mary went to Christian College and graduated in 1871. While at Christian College, Mary was the president of the…

Members of the 1876 graduating class of Christian College in hand-tinted photograph.

David Truman Stanley, portrait, President of Oregon State Normal School, 1882 - 1889. Head and shoulders, facing slightly to the right; black and white, slight vignette effect.

Thomas Franklin Campbell, portrait, President of Christian College, 1869 - 1882. Head and torso, facing slightly left; his right hand resting on a book, left arm behind his back; black and white. Cropped photograph of the 1902 portrait painted by…
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