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The Monmouth District school was a two-room, wooden building constructed in 1886 . Oregon State Normal School contracted its use as the model school to provide practice training for future teachers. A year later a second story with two additional…

In April 1912, U.S. presidential candidate, Senator Robert LaFollette, speaking from the Main Street Park bandstand in Monmouth.

Exterior view of the Monmouth post office. Three persons pose on the wooden sidewalk (two in front, one on the side) before a muddy, dirt street. This photograph is noted as Monmouth's first post office by Scott McArthur in "Monmouth Oregon the Sage…

The interior of the Monmouth post office when it was located in the Monmouth Improvement Co. building about 1910. Four persons are posing for the photograph. Note the old roll top desk which is now part of the WOU archives collections.

Monmouth Railroad Station of the Southern Pacific Railway with tracks in the foreground. People are waiting by the stopped engine. The flour mill exchange in the background.

Passengers arriving and departing on the busy Monmouth train stop. Passengers are in the open windows passing last minute farewells to persons on the platform. People waiting in line to embark are being directed by the conductors.

Passengers arriving and departing at Monmouth train stop. Some passengers are in the open windows, while other persons are saying last minute farewells on the platform. The top of the Campbell Hall bell tower and the old grove are in the…

The train station platform in Monmouth Oregon with the tracks in the foreground. In the background is a Central Union structure with the old grove in the background.

Back side of the Monmouth Book Club photograph with a handwritten list of names. Some names have corresponding letters written next to individuals on the image side. " Monmouth Book Club at home of Mrs. Sunday November, 1908. 1st row, right hand to…

Monmouth Book Club at the home of Mrs. Sunday, November 1908. A group of about 30 women (including two young girls) on the porch of a house. Handwritten letters by certain individuals correspond with the list written on the back.
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