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Sarah Knox (left) and her son Frank Knox (top); Mary Stump Campbell (right) and her son David Campbell (bottom). Both Sarah and Mary went to Christian College and graduated in 1871. While at Christian College, Mary was the president of the…

A group picture of the Wolf Knights with a wolf emblem on their uniform sweater.
The Grove, 1948, page 55.

Three members of the Oregon State Normal School Mazama Club at Government Camp get ready to hike Mt. Hood, circa 1890.

Hawaiian Club members share their culture with students on International Night, circa the 1970s.

One of the university's literary societies, the Delphians, circa the 1920s.

Members of Hawaiian Club sharing their culture during an International Fair during the 1970s.

Mazama Party on rock near Cloud Cap Inn. Circa July 18, 1896. Last two on top far right: Prince Lucien Campbell and Thomas Otis Hutchinson

Members of the Toxopholite (Archery) Club practicing their archery skills in the 1950s.

The 1943 Toxopholite (Archery) Club outside the Old Physical Education building.

Mazama Club Monmouth Party hauling fireworks up South Side of Mt. Hood. July 23, 1894.

Page 8 from the Wanda Kenyon Scrapbook with rememberances of the Sweetheart Ball held on February 1, 1958. The Sweetheart ball was sponsored by the Collecto Coeds and the Wolf Knights with mushc by the Stardusters. Includes Dance Card, patches for…

A group portrait of the Oregon State Normal Physics club posing ouside by the Main Building (now Campbell Hall). Above the image is typed "STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, Monmouth, Oregon." Underneath is typed "Physics Club 1905."

The 1909 Physics Club pose for a group portrait. On the backside is handwritten "O.S.N.S. Physics Club, 1909[?]", "Lewis Robinson - Dad in the center - sitting", and a list of names: "Rebecca Clifton, Emma Kienow, Phil Boche, Orletta Kraus, Dell…

The 1888 Vespertine Society pose for a group portrait in the old Grove near the Main Building (now Campbell Hall). Handwritten in the lower margin is "Vespertine Society". On the backside is handwritten "1888, Minnie Brodie far left standing" and…

The 1898-1901 Y.W.C.A club pose for a group portrait. On the backside is handwritten "1898 - 1901 Y.W.C.A" at the top and "Louisa Lehman Stringer Macminnville Oregon, (for Loan)" underneath.

The 1901 Normal Society pose in formal dress for a group portrait. The Normal Society was one of several active literary clubs. On the backside is typed "Donated by Mrs. Elva Bryant '02, 6 - 10 - 53," and handwritten "The Normal Society 1901" with a…

A group of men and women pose in formal dress for the 1895-6 Sunday School class portrait. On the front in the lower margin is handwritten "Monmouth, Or., Moray at top, Alice left center, Eda lower center, Sunday School Class - 1895." On the…
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