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Neal Wayne Werner was an integral member of the Western Oregon State College community. He began his presence at WOSC in 1980, creating murals around campus. In 1982, he was promoted to Coffee Shop manager at the College Center. By 1984, he was…

A Group of students play drums on the steps of the College Center during Black Student Week.
From The Grove yearbook, 1971, page 63.

Student, Bruce Cagle in the campus arcade in the early 1980s, playing the game Pac Man. The arcade, called Levi's, was housed in the first floor of the college center.

Students from Oregon College of Education in the boxing ring. The Smoker was a school sanctioned event in the 1960s-70s, where people would try to 'smoke' their opponents.

A photo from the Oregon College of Education bookstore in the basement of the college center.

Stuffed wolf mascot 'attacking' Oregon College of Education professor in the student college center.
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