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Groups of students and faculty are scattered across the lawn of the Training School with 3 more buildings pictured behind. This is the District School, (commonly called 'the Patch School), used for teacher training before the college built the…

Campus Elementary students line up next to the South wing classrooms. An adult is looking towards them on the right with her back facing the camera.
Old ACC.RG.2012.604: Item 190

A teacher reads to students with the teacher on the left with three students in view seated on the right. A map of the US is behind them on the wall.
Old ACC.RG.2012.871: Group Pictures Monmouth Elementary School 1960's

Group photo of the Campus Elementary students looking towards the camera. Some are seated on the ground as most of the girls are standing with bonnets. They all are next to a table with a model house and toy animals.
Old ACC.RG.2012.871: Group…

Two elementary students from the Campus Elementary School (now ITC) playing in the snow.

Students from the Campus Elementary School, now ITC, sitting at a table reading.

Campus elementary science students working together arounda a table isth micorscopes in the late 1920s-early 1930s.

Children posing on a metal play jungle gym outside at the Campus Elementary School (now ITC) in 1957.

A classroom image of small children sitting at individual desks and teacher standing in front of the room. The children are cutting shapes out of paper and one is in the act of pasting a cut-out shape to a board against a chalkboards. Above the image…

Fourth grade classroom in the Training School with the children sitting at their desks and teachers standing along a back wall. Above the image is typed "STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, Monmouth, Oregon," with "1904" handwritten next to it. Below the image is…

A teacher and her students standing in front of the Monmouth Disctict School building with open door. This local school was used for training teachers in the State Normal School program. On the backside is handwritten "Powell" and "Presented by Mr.…

Large group of children and adults by the Monmouth District School Building. This local school was used for training teachers in the State Normal School program. On the backside is handwritten "Powell" and "Presented by Mr. + Mrs. C. Powell."
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