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Montana Walking Bull and Marilyn Yellowbird at OCE Native Student Pow Wow 1974.jpg
Montana Walking Bull, an Oregon College of Education professor, stands next to Marilyn Yellowbird on the left side of the image. Both are dressed in Pow Wow regalia for the OCE Native Student Pow Wow. The text below the image reads "Montana Walking…

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook The Norm, June 1915, page 68.

Students and faculty sit at the tables inside the Werner University Center next to a large window where more people sit at tables under umbrellas on the outside patio.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Werner University Center

During her time at Oregon Normal School and Oregon College of Education, Katherine Arbuthnot was known for her devotion to her students. An article about her in the Statesmen Journal read, “At the very hour of her death on October 27, 1952, she was…

Katherine Arbuthnot worked at Oregon Normal School from 1913 to 1947. A year before her retirement, she received an award for outstanding teaching. In 1962, Oregon College of Education built a women's dormitory, Arbuthnot Hall, that was dedicated to…

Katherine Arbuthnot began teaching at Oregon Normal School in 1913 as a critic teacher at Monmouth Elementary School of the Training School program. Later in her tenure she was promoted to assistant professor of Social Science and became the head of…

Montana Rickards Walking Bull, a writer and professor, standing outside of Thomas Kay Woolen Mill in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Walking Bull taught at Oregon College of Education from 1967 -1978 in the Humanities and Education department.

A portrait of Jessica Spalding Todd. Miss Todd began teaching at Oregon Normal School (ONS) in 1912 as a Critic Teacher in the Training School. She served as the Dean of Women at ONS from 1912 to 1931.

A professional portrait of Jessica Todd, the Dean of Women, standing outside. This image was published in the Oregon Normal School student yearbook.
The Norm, 1923, page 23.

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook.
The Norm, 1930, page 20.

A portrait of Helen Redbird-Smith published in the Western who taught in the sociology and anthrophology department from 1956-1988.

A portrait taken of Anna Penk at Western Oregon State College. Penk taught mathematics at the college from 1973 to 1993.

An on-campus photo of Anna Penk that was published in the Western Oregon State College Staff Directory, 1987.

An on-campus portrait of Anna Penk that was published in the Western Oregon State College Staff Directory, 1988.

A portrait of Pearl Heath in the faculty pages of the yearbook.
The Grove, 1943, page 11

Pearl Heath posing outside of a car. Mrs. Heath is said to have always worn gloves, even when she was inside teaching. This image was first published in the 1943 edition of The Grove with a dedication in her honor.
The dedication reads, "To Mrs.…

Pearl Heath making art with children from the Monmouth Elementary School. Before Heath began teaching at Oregon Normal School in 1926, she attended the school as a student.

Pearl Heath, an art instructor from 1926 to 1963 (ONS/OCE), helping students make art.

A composite of individual portraits of Oregon State Normal School faculty of 1905 with names underneath each portrait. The portraits include: P.O. Powell, W.F. Campbell, H.B. Buckam, L.A. Robinson, Miss Sarah Tuthill, E.D. Ressler (President), Mrs.…
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