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The backs of graduates face the camera. In the center, one graduate sits with a decorated cap. The graduation cap reads "Thankx A Lot Family with Love."

Six members of the 1942 graduating class of the Oregon College of Education with their professor.

Four graduates in regalia waiting for the 1985 commencement ceremony to begin. Crop markings on the photograph from publication editing.

Graduating class of 1902 pose for a group portrait holding their diplomas. On the backside is handwritten "1902, Feb. Class", the names: "M.K., M[?] Brown, E. A. Erickson, Katie Storbo, M. Nellie Ward[?], Olive M. Lambright, Florence Turner, Tillie…

Class of 1901, group portrait, holding their diplomas; some women have bouquets. On the backside is handwritten "Class of 1901, W.C. Bryant Collection" and a list of names: "Front row: Grace Gill, Alice Grey, Louise Lehman; Row 2: Gilbert Stringer,…

Group portrait of the class of 1902 holding their diplomas; the women also holding a bouquet. On the backside is handwritten "gift of Mary Holaday Murray, 8/23/94 in memory of her mother Oro Overholtzer Holaday (2nd From left, Back row) - grad of…
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