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OCE Football player John Smith prepares to catch a football after a Southern Oregon opponent misses the catch. View of a decorated goal post, and three spectators are behind them. Caption below reads, "This play has been typical of the big plays…

A banner reading 'TO-HOOT-WITH-THE-OWLS' on the front of Todd Hall. A cut out wolf pointing to the banner with the letters OCE on his shirt. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1953, page 32.

Photograph of a black makeshift steamroller with 'Waldo' written across the side and 'O.T.I Owls' on the roller. Waldo's head is on top with a crown that reads 'OCC', and the steamroller rolls over the head of an owl. This was a dormitory lawn…

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations in front of the Maaske Hall with a large sign depicting a bank called 'Maaskeville Bank Inc' and in front are cutouts of cowboys and a small sign that reads 'Shoot Cal Western.'
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations for a dormitory competition. The sign in front of Barnum reading 'Anything Goes' and includes drawing of a wolf head and a football player.
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A Paper Mache wolf holding a book reading 'By The Women of Cottage' stands on the front lawn of The Cottage. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

A Paper Mache wolf standing on the lawn in front of the ITC Building. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

Photo taken of two mascots when changing from one to the next as an older mascot retires.
Caption, "Old meets new as the retiring "Waldo Wolf" mascot joins his successor on the track. The two mascots will celebrate the exchange at a ceremony…

President Betty Youngblood Waldo walking between two mascots in the exchange ceremony at Homecoming 1997.
WOU Alumni News, 1998, page 8.

Waldo Wolf wearing a graduation gown with tongue sticking out and one ear perked up with numbers "'98" printed over the top of the photo.
WOSC Alumni News, 1988, page 7.

Wolfie standing on the track between the 2016 Homecoming Royalty; Nolan and Aleisha with partial view of the bleachers behind them.
Photo courtesy of the Student Activities Board off the Orgsync website.

Wolf wearing a WOSU vest while sitting behind a line of people.
From the Grove yearbook, 1988, page 13.

A Photo of Wolf receiving pets from the 1988 Homecoming court. A man is wearing service clothing, with another man holding Wolf's leash.
From The Grove yearbook, 1988, page 13.

Homecoming Princess, Lisa, walking with her escort Dr. Jim Mienert. Partial view of the Old Physical Education Building behind them.

Wolf, live malamute mascot, sits at feet of two members of the Homecoming court who are wearing 'HOMECOMING" sashes and sitting on a bench.
From the Grove yearbook, 1989, page 10.

Homecoming Princess and Escort from the Homecoming Court sits in stadium bleachers

Homecoming princess with her escort. There is partial view of Maple Hall behind.

A homecoming princess sits with her escort underneath an umbrella. Other homecoming court members are seen behind.

Homecoming princess, Hitomi Shibata, being crowned by Lisa Runyon. Her escort, Greg Pohll looks towards her with a smile.

Homecoming princess, Christy, smiles towards the camera with her escort. The bleachers are seen behind them.

People sit and stand in the stadium bleachers while looking towards the field. Partial view of Linda Roth on the bottom wearing a tiara.
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