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Stainless Steel.
Plaque reads, "Colin Lambert and Peter Adams, Self-Reflection progression, 2009, Tonal Terrazzo, Terrazzo medallion in stainless steal frame, Tonal Terrazzo, the second of three portraits that make up Self-Reflection Progression,…

Faux limestone and brass.
Plaque reads, "Self-Reflection Progression consists of three variations of the same image: a line drawing made of a circular mild steel with a flat bar frame; a tonal terrazzo relief composted of a terrazo medallion in a…

Made out of mild steel.
Plaque reads, "Circular mild steel with flat bar frame, Line Drawing, the first of three portraits that make up Self-Reflection Progression, map the development of an individual's personal humanity, from a linear outline to a…

Aerial View of the campus with the Natural Science Building in progress of being built. The old Physical Education building, Humanities and Social Sciences, Campbell Hall, and the Cottage are in view.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings:…

The Humanities and Social Sciences Building in the distance with view of the large sequoia to the right and south entrance sign reading, "Oregon College of Education" to the left. Taken from the sidewalk in front of the sign.
Old ACC.RG.2012.604:…
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