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Herman sits and waits on a post at the docks while he dreams of going home, with bags all packed, laying at his feet. There is view of two mountains in the distance and also of a fisherman in a boat out in the water.

Herman disappoints the officer as he was untidy and saw no need for neatness once the war was over. Herman looks towards the officer in guiltiness as he is hunched over, his shirt is un-tucked, shoes untied, and bunk out of order. The officer points…

Herman looks at a prisoner of war on the other side of a barbed wire fence. He wears brown boots, blue pants with white letters; P on the left, and W on the right. A sign posted on the fence reads 'Pow Stockade' on the left. In the fence is also a…

Herman walks away from the pay roll desk with money in hand. He looks up to the three other soldiers he passes as they wait in line for their pay. The pay roll desk has two men seated at it with a sign that reads 'Get Paid Here' in front.

Soldiers are finally off the boat, S.S. Pres. Johnson, to dock in San Fransisco. They are so happy that two soldiers to the left are seen holding his interlocked hands in the air, and the other is kissing the ground. View of a band wearing blue is…

Herman is awoken while sleeping in his cot surrounded by a green mosquito net by an officer blowing his whistle for a night drill. During night drill they would have to answer roll call.

Herman and four other soldiers sit at the bar ordering imitation American liquor and beers and waiting to go home. A soldier behind Herman reads the newspaper that is titled 'Shipping Snafu continues in redeployment from W. Pacific" with another…

Soldiers celebrate as they hear of the news of the Japanese surrender being accepted by the 14th AA Command. One soldier shoots a gun in the air, two others dance in a circle with each other, and two on the left smile while pointing to the board. The…

Herman looks out on the dock to the sea while holding a newspaper behind his back with words saying 'No Ships for Troops'. Two ships are floating in front loaded with supplies that they would rather take home first, instead of the soldiers waiting to…

Herman sits on a cot while doing a "double-take" of the radio and of the newspaper. A fellow soldier sits across from him reading the Daily Pacifican titled "90 Pointers Still Here". He does this double take because of the rumors coming from the news…

Herman and two other soldiers singing, using song sheets that are titled 'Waiting for ships that never come in' with a sign that reads '29th Replacement Depot, and a green bush behind them, and an organ player to the right.

Herman walks the streets of the Phillippines in front of General Headquarters holding a picket sign reading 'Get us Home' with two Filipino children trail behind in support, also holding signs saying 'Where are those ships?' and 'Home'. On the right…

Herman wears a brown Army sweater, holding two full pails of water, while tripping over a helmet at the University of New Hampshire. Two football boys sit on the field smiling towards Herman. View of a crowd in the stands sit behind. This was…

Illustration of US plane flying over Iwo Jima which now shows an American flag flying over the island.

Illustration of the Armada, coming from boats, firing towards the island to finish the destruction of Iwo Jima.

Illustration shows the aftermath of Iwo Jima, the Japanese island, on fire with large black clouds rising to the skies.

Illustration of five line of American planes flying over after the bombing of the island. Big clouds of black smoke rise from the island, and boats flee from the island below.

Illustration of a US plane flying over the Japanese Island of Iwo Jima. The island shows a Japanese flag flying over the island. A plane in close view on the left full of Americans flies close to this island.

Herman is shown sweeping the floors of the office as it was common to volunteer to clean the office when there was nothing to do. There is view of two desks in the background and an officer watching over herman while leaning on a pole.

Four soldiers are bent over, showing only their behind, while picking up trash on the ground around camp. Herman is shown to the right putting the trash from his hand into a red 50 gallon drum that reads 'Trash'. View of a portable toilet with the…

Herman stands in front of a brick wall that is covered with graffiti, showing phrases that wouldnt be made otherwise, such as 'Mr. Herman', 'Redeployment', drawings of planes and boats. A yellow sign stands in the middle reading '14th AA Command'…
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