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Monmouth Training School (now the ITC) from the right side. Taken from across Monmouth Avenue slightly to the right. A caption below reads, "Monmouth Training School"
Norm yearbook, 1923, page 27

Monmouth Training School front entrance on the West with a car in the right corner. Caption below reads, "Monmouth Training School".
Norm yearbook, 1927, page 38

Close up shot of the front entrance with focus on the sign in front reading, "Future home of Western's Instructional Technology Center" posted on the former sign that reads, "Campus Elementary School".
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: ITC

Close up image of the quote that is above the entrance of the Instructional Technology Center. It reads, "Who Dares to Teach Must Never Cease to Learn". The quote by John Cotton Dana was suggested by Thomas Gentle for the 1915 construction of the…

West lawn of the Instructional Technology Center during the re-opening ceremony with seven people pictured sitting on the right and a tent in the middle. More people sit on the left as they all look towards the speaker in the tent. Taken on the right…

Unveiling of the Instructional Technology Center sign during the re-opening ceremony. Four men are pictured taking off a sheet on a sign to reveal the words, "Instructional Technology Center" while three people sit on the right.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601…

A photograph of the remodel of the Campus Elementary School into the Instructional Technology Center under construction. There are men working on the roof and scaffolding up to the roof. Taken from Parking Lot A on the East Side.

Close up view of the mail services entrance door with a bike rack to the right, and a sign near the door reads, "Mail Services" next to the door.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

Front view of the front entrance of the Instructional Technology Center (originally know as the Training School) with view of the stairs leading to the front doors and a sign to the right that reads,
"Instructional Technology Center
Edward B.…

Instructional Technology Center (originally know as the Training School) front west entrance and three trees blocking a clear view of the whole side. Taken from across Monmouth Avenue.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

A view across Monmouth Avenue of the Campus Elementary School (now ITC) and the Administration (Now the Lieuallen) buildings from the roof to the Natural Science building. Students are walking between classes.

A Paper Mache wolf standing on the lawn in front of the ITC Building. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

Students from the Campus Elementary School, now ITC, sitting at a table reading.

Campus elementary science students working together arounda a table isth micorscopes in the late 1920s-early 1930s.

Thomas Gentle, the first Training School director, gave lectures and speeches throughout Oregon to raise money for a statue of Abraham Lincoln to send in the lobby of the Training School (now ITC). The whereabouts of the statue are unknown.
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