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Maple Hall was constructed in 1913 as the college gymnasium and dedicated in March of 1914. The cornerstone, reading "AD 1913" is now nearly hidden by a large rhododendron.

MapleHall2014-ed (8)_1500.jpg
Maple hall front entrance viewed from the right with two top windows open.
Photo courtesy of Western Oregon University Archives

A group of running participants in 'Waldo's Mile' with view of the football field, Maple Hall, and Todd Hall in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Track

The old stadium taken from the bleachers with the football field, goal post, and grove is in view. New PE, Student Health Center, College Center, Todd Hall, and part of Maple Hall are seen in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2015.018: McArthur Stadium

Maple Hall image with illustrations and drawings drawn over it depicted at night. A caption below says, "Thy record casts a radiance oe'r they name"
Norm yearbook, 1927, page 15.


The Maple Hall building as seen from the east side with view of the front door. A caption below reads, "Gymnasium"
Norm Yearbook, 1923, Page 23


Full view of Maple Hall, east side front door.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Maple Hall - Gymnasium


A student modeling a ski outfit in the 1952 Folks Festival Fashion Show that took place in Maple Hall.

May Day Festival dancers performing inside the Gymnasium (now Maple Hall), with sepectators along the walls and in the balcony.

Maple Hall, built in 1915, was the first school gynasium on campus.
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