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View of the four men in the 1972 Football Coaching staff sitting on the football field with view of the stadium behind them. Caption below reads, "'No team is better than its coaching staff,' said Bill McArthur once. Above are the four men who mold…

A tractor with a grader levels the dirt track and football field, the old Physical Education building, with Arnold Arms in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Track

A group of running participants in 'Waldo's Mile' with view of the football field, Maple Hall, and Todd Hall in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Track

A man runs on the track during 'Waldo's Mile' with a '10' on his stomach and also while wearing a shirt that says "Waldo's Mile" on a flag held by a cartoon wolf. A sign in the top left corner says "Go Wolves!"
Old ACC.RG.2012.601…

The football field during resurfacing with the earth turned up and the stadium behind in view. Taken from across the field.
Old ACC.RG.2015.018: McArthur Stadium

The old stadium taken from the bleachers with the football field, goal post, and grove is in view. New PE, Student Health Center, College Center, Todd Hall, and part of Maple Hall are seen in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2015.018: McArthur Stadium

McArthur Stadium as viewed from the gravel by the track. The goal post, field, and bleachers are in view.
Photo Courtesy of Western University Archives

McArthur Stadium as seen from Church Street by Ackerman Hall with cars parked in front with a wire fence to separate the street from the stadium.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

On June 6, 1978, a fire burned down McArthur Stadium. A new stadium was built in 1980 to replace the one that had perished in the fire.
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