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Misc./New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a man sitting on a desk chair and reading a magazine. At the bottom in pencil is the label, "Gene Godfader".
Verso: "17 September 1943."
Maurice explained Goldfader was the best man at his wedding and in the…

Misc./New Guinea.
Photograph of a man holding two koalas.
Verso: "Gene Goldfader - Australia."

Misc./New Guinea.
Ink portrait drawing of a man with glasses and his eyes closed.
Verso: "Spring 1945."
Maurice added that Kowalchuk was from Pennsylvania and was stationed with Maurice at the Replacement depot. He was going to be a republican…

Misc./New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a man seated at a slightly too-tall table, other men seated in the background, facing away from the viewer in a recreation area.
Verso: "Summer 1945."

Misc./New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a man sitting alone in a portable folding chair looking away.
Verso: "Summer 1945."

Misc./New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a man wearing glasses sitting on a folding chair at a table. There is a cup on the table that hides if the man is either reading or writing. Maurice explained that the Red Cross recreation buildings was one of the…

Misc./New Guinea.
Pencil portrait drawing of native man with a high hair style and eyes closed.
Verso: "Winter 1945/1946."

Misc./New Guinea.
Small ink drawing of a radio on top of a box crate in a corner.
Maurice added that the army had a radio station and they broadcast music and news. Most all tents and offices had a radio.

Misc./New Guinea.
Ink drawing of two men from the back sitting with a view of tents and mountain range.
Verso: "Nov. 3, 1944. View of 271st R/Co. with jungle and mountain background. Mountains are Owen Stanley's. This was drawn in front of…
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