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Misc./New Guinea.
Pencil portrait drawing of native man with a high hair style and eyes closed.
Verso: "Winter 1945/1946."

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a native (upper torso, shoulders, and head). Labeled, "Raroro."
Maurice explained this native posed for him who worked on a plantation. The British had a number of coconut, and banana plantations; they…

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Photograph of a native with a potbelly and wearing an elaborate headdress. Maurice explained the majority of the natives had bulging bellies caused by Malaria.

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of five natives digging a trench at the edge of heavy foliage.
Verso: "27 Dec 1944. These are the natives I told you about. They are digging drainage ditches for mosquito control purposes. While one works the…

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Photograph of two natives, heavy foliage just behind them.
Verso: "Native, Finschafen, New Guinea."
Maurice explained that some guys made money taking photographs and selling them.

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink portrait drawing of three natives; one head only and two profiles facing right and left. Labeled "Natives."

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink sketches of two natives, with text written around the edges: "Both these natives had reddish hair, which I am told they acquire by means of a vegetable dye. Two natives who came through our area selling grass skirts and…

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a native from behind who is smoking and carrying a satchel on a stick.
Verso: "Spring 1945."
Maurice explained that natives were very free about walking through camp. This one was just walking through…
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