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Photograph shows the snow covered bridge located in front of the Natural Science Building. Three people walk across the bridge towards the sidewalk on Monmouth Ave. On one side of the bridge is a small tree covered in snow, and in the background is…

In the Natural Science Building, a professor gives a lecture on evolution to a class of students.

This large block of granite is a relic of the glacial period from three million years ago. Many of these erratics were ice-rafted down the Columbia River from floods caused by the break of a glacial dam in Idaho about ten thousand years ago. In 1905,…

Nine-foot tall aluminum statue.
Cast aluminum
This sculpture was donated by Dr. Anton Postl (WOU Professor Emeritus), the Western Foundation, the Monmouth-Independence Community Arts Association, and the Oregon Arts Commission. It is located in the…

Close-up painting of flora.
oil and mixed media on a 48" x 38" wood panel
Located in the Natural Science building, 3rd floor.

Diptych with insects as the subject matter.
oil and mixed media on wood.
Each panel is 3.5' x 5'
Located in the Natural Science building, 2nd floor.
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