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WWII-Work Assignments/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of several men sitting or standing, watching while one man is digging. Jungle foliage is the background.
Verso: "3 Jan. 45. This afternoon we had no class. Instead we dug oursleves a nice new latrine…

WWII-Natives/New Guinea.
Photograph of a native with a potbelly and wearing an elaborate headdress. Maurice explained the majority of the natives had bulging bellies caused by Malaria.

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of three men playing music in front of a microphone and standing onstage. "Santos Huerta" written on the side at 90 degrees. On the bottom up-side-down is written the names of the musicians, "Bob, Hill,…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of building with an American flag among jungle trees/foliage. An additional structure is in the distance.
Maurice explained this was the officers building. It was drawn from far away because as an…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of three men performing on a low stage with listeners crouched near the front.
Written around the edge of the drawing, "The Hillbilly Ramblers, a trio of Texas boys putting on a show at the Red Cross…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of a man playing ping pong and another painting a mural. Through the window you can see other tent barracks.
Verso: "27 January 45. Interior, Huba Huba Hut. This is a Red Cross building and pictured here…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Rough pencil sketch of people spending free time sitting at tables, standing around, talking, drinking, dancing, etc. in a casino.
Verso: "Summer 1945."
Maurice explained there was a cadre of permanently staged…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of a group of soldiers standing and sitting around a piano.
Verso: "The local Red Cross building is the scene of the sketch. A group of fellows were gathered in a dimly lighted corner of the stage,…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of men, seated attending a USO show.
Verso: "15 January 1945. Our main theater just before the start of a USO Show. The stage is quite sizeable and has curtains & drapes made of various colored…

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of two people sitting in chairs on a beach, facing the ocean, under a sun umbrella. Two figures on a small motorboat made from the gas tanks of a plane can be seen on the water in the distance.

WWII-New Guinea Entertainment.
Ink drawing of various servicemen and women assembled indoors, sitting and standing among small tables under an open roof with structural beams.
Verso: "8 Feb 45. This is our local Red Cross building at APO 322. The…
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