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Dean of Women, Jessica Todd, stands in the covered porch of the Senior Cottage in the center of the photograph. In front of her is a garden box filled with plants, and behind her is the door to the inside of the building.

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Beneath the millstones, located between the north tennis court and the northwest corner of the west wing of Bellamy Hall, is a plaque. The plaque dedicated the tennis courts to the memory of the men of Oregon Normal School who enlisted for World War…

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook The Norm, June 1915, page 68.

This logo for Oregon Normal School was used from the mid-1920s through 1939 when the name changed. Student Handbook cover, 1926.

MapleHall2014-ed (8)_1500.jpg
Maple hall front entrance viewed from the right with two top windows open.
Photo courtesy of Western Oregon University Archives

ONS Bulletin 1914 Assembly Hall with statue_1500.jpg
Interior view of the Assembly Hall inside of Campbell Hall with four rows of chairs facing the small stage. On the stage is a large statue is on the right side, a lectern in the center and a piano on the ground in the front. Several class gifts are…

West House as seen from the left angle with view of rocking chairs on the front porch and six columns attached to the roof.
The Norm yearbook, 1930, page 16

A photo of Maurine Brown-Neuberger from the student yearbook.
The Norm, 1924, page 67.

A photo of Maurine Brown-Neuberger from the student yearbook.
The Norm, 1923, page 89.

During her time at Oregon Normal School and Oregon College of Education, Katherine Arbuthnot was known for her devotion to her students. An article about her in the Statesmen Journal read, “At the very hour of her death on October 27, 1952, she was…

Katherine Arbuthnot worked at Oregon Normal School from 1913 to 1947. A year before her retirement, she received an award for outstanding teaching. In 1962, Oregon College of Education built a women's dormitory, Arbuthnot Hall, that was dedicated to…

Katherine Arbuthnot began teaching at Oregon Normal School in 1913 as a critic teacher at Monmouth Elementary School of the Training School program. Later in her tenure she was promoted to assistant professor of Social Science and became the head of…

A portrait of Jessica Spalding Todd. Miss Todd began teaching at Oregon Normal School (ONS) in 1912 as a Critic Teacher in the Training School. She served as the Dean of Women at ONS from 1912 to 1931.

A professional portrait of Jessica Todd, the Dean of Women, standing outside. This image was published in the Oregon Normal School student yearbook.
The Norm, 1923, page 23.

A photo of Jessica Todd that was originally printed in the student yearbook.
The Norm, 1930, page 20.

Pearl Heath making art with children from the Monmouth Elementary School. Before Heath began teaching at Oregon Normal School in 1926, she attended the school as a student.

Pearl Heath, an art instructor from 1926 to 1963 (ONS/OCE), helping students make art.

Group photograph of the 1937 Track Team wearing "Wolves' Jerseys.
The Norm, 1937, page 80.

"Name Our Team" Poem written by Le Moine Murray. Poem Reads: "Sing a song of nicknames. Which one will you choose? There's Normans, Wolves and Owls, One can win, the rest must lose. Or if you know a better, Just send it in to us; Our football team…

News article announcing the name change of the Fountain grill to "The Wolves Shack."
The Lamron, November 27, 1928, page 4.
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