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This marble plaque was originally placed outside of Campbell Hall and is now located on the north wall of the south stairwell in Bellamy Hall. James Monroe Powell A.M. (1855-1901) taught math and physics.

This plaque was a gift by the 1908 classes. It is a marble slab that is seven feet by two and a half feet. It reads "Oregon State Normal School" and has the dates 1882 and June '08. Hon. George W. Hawkin of Dallas, a friend of the school cut the…

The photograph is of a science class in 1896. Male and female students look towards the camera and some look down towards their desks. Throughout the classroom there are scientific instruments.

Mazama Club hiking up Mt. Hood on the Copper Spur. View of a snowy mountain in the distance.
OldACC.RG.2012.871 - Mt. Hood Hikes - 1890's

Thmoas Otis Hutchinson hiking up the Zigzag Glacier. South side of Mt. Hood in the background.
OldACC.RG.2012.871 - Mt. Hood Hikes - 1890's

The 1888 graduating class of Oregon State Normal School standing in front of Campbell Hall. Of note is the small tree on the left, the class gift of 1887, which is now the Giant Sequoia in front of Campbell Hall.

This plaster frieze of Washington crossing the Delaware River was gifted to the school by the graduating class of 1909. It hung in the reference area of the former library (now Academic Programs) until 2000 when the library moved to the Hamersly…

A photo of Gentle House circa the 1920s. Gentle House was built in 1880, purchased by the Thomas Gentle family in 1914, and donated by the university in 1981 by the Gentle family.

Winter 1888 Oregon State Normal School commencement decorations on the stage of the auditorium in Campbell Hall.

Three members of the Oregon State Normal School Mazama Club at Government Camp get ready to hike Mt. Hood, circa 1890.

Campbell Hall housed the university library until 1951, when a new library (now APSC) was built. APSC was replaced by Hamersly Library in 2000.

Mazama Party on rock near Cloud Cap Inn. Circa July 18, 1896. Last two on top far right: Prince Lucien Campbell and Thomas Otis Hutchinson

A science class from the late 1800s posing for a class photo.

The class of 1894 in a staged class photo, appearing as if to be having an ice cream social. On the top is handwritten "bk-Meta James, Bruce Davidson, Minnie Bunn (?), Will Steen, Carl N?. Front-Daisy West, Frank Lilton, Dora Numm (?), Ellis Ringo…

Mazama Club Monmouth Party hauling fireworks up South Side of Mt. Hood. July 23, 1894.

Students from the early 1920s help clean up leaves near Campbell Hall.

Known as the Brick building or College building this was later named Campbell Hall. Handwritten notes indicate the dates of the original structure (1871), the South addition (1889) and the North addition (1898).

The Monmouth District school was a two-room, wooden building constructed in 1886 . Oregon State Normal School contracted its use as the model school to provide practice training for future teachers. A year later a second story with two additional…

Action photograph of the Oregon State Normal School Women's Baseball playing near Maple Hall. The pitcher is in mid-throw and the umpire is dressed in heals and pearls. The first man on the left in the background, watching the game, wearing the…

Group Portrait of the 1904 Women's Baseball team at Oregon State Normal School with the coach seated in the center front row.

Group Portrait of the 1904 Women's Baseball team at Oregon State Normal School with the coach standing in the center back row.
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