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Masks are mounted on the wall with cases filled with examples of bones and stones artifacts. A sign on the wall reads, "Bone & Stone Room". Two walrus skulls are on display in the center of the room.
ACC.RG.2015.018: Jensen Museum

Paul Jensen stands to the left of a taxidermied moose, and two wolves. Partial view of a polar bear is to the left. A large map painted by Ken Harrris is on the wall behind him.
ACC.RG.2015.018: Jensen Museum

Interior of the Paul Jensen Museum showing mannequins wearing traditional fur clothing, and the walls covered with animal skins and fur. A sign in front reads, "Entrance to Subterranean Kitchen and Storeroom"
ACC.RG.2015.018: Jensen Museum

An Umiak canoe sits in the Paul Jensen Museum with view of a moose head mounted on the wall along with other artifacts.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Jensen Museum

Exterior of the Paul Jensen arctic museum's front entrance with a sign to the right that reads, "Paul Jensen Arctic Museum
Hours 10-4
A large clematis vine has over grown to the roof and a large wale bone is on the front porch.

Interior of the Paul Jensen Arctic Museum with Peter Courtney on the left, Paul Jensen on the right, and President Meyers in the middle looking towards something that Jensen is pointing to.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: jensen Museum -…

Interior of the Paul Jensen Arctic Museum with view of the roped off Diomede Room which has mannequins and walls covered in animal skins. Outside the room, a typewriter, desk, and chair are to the left, and framed photographss decorate the walls.…
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