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Dancers by the pergola.
wood engraving; image sourced from a yearbook photo circa 1923
Located in Old PE.

Group picture of the La Danza team with twelve women dressed in black leotards posing around the pergola. A caption below the image reads, "La Danza"
Norm yearbook, 1930, page 95

Close up of the pergola with shrubbery to the left and right. A caption below the image reads, "And here were brought the fruits sun-kissed and sweet. Nature's bounty giv'n that man might eat"
Norm yearbook, 1928, page 16


A group of male students walk on the sidewalk past the pergola on the left.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Root House - Pergola

Full view of the Pergola from a slight left angle with partial view of the old Student Health Center to the left in the background.
Photo Courtesy of Western University Archives


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