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WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of an open front building with a flag on top, labeled, "Dispensary." Non-descriptive people inside, two outside and the hood of a jeep in the left foreground.
Verso: "Thursday - 21 Dec 44. This is the…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a truck filled with a large load of mail bags and soldiers on top, labeled "A.P.O. 711."
Verso: "Nov. 14, 1944. Scene just outside APO #711 while some mail was being brought in and while I was waiting for…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of men receiving dental treatment, while others sit, waiting on a bench reading a book or newspaper.
Verso: "29 January 1945. Drawn while I was waiting to have my teeth filled in a surprisingly well equipped…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Drawing of several men crouched near lister bags (canvas water bag).
Verso: "Nov. 11, 1944. A lister bag outside the company supply room around which the boys gathered awaiting the arrival of the Supply Sergeant to lead…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing labeled, "Chapel." A flag, large building with a steeple on one end with a cross, a flag with a cross at the other end and an aircraft flying overhead.
Verso: "Chapel and Chaplain's office at 5th Replacement…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a large building with a cross over the front door, labeled, "Chapel." Two jeeps parked on the left side and an airplane flying overhead.
Verso: "Spring 1945."
Maurice remembered there were just three…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of a long structure with double doors in the front and a raised roof line in the center, possibly a chapel or headquarters. Tent(s) to the left and trees and heavy foliage behind a truck to the right.
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