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Oversized - WWII Drawings. Homeward Herald, the final edition, 13 January 1946.
(1) Front page is a cartoon style drawing of men on shore next to the boat under a sign the reads "Welcome Home." A band plays in the background; one soldier is chasing…

Oversized - WWII Drawings.
A cartoon style drawing by Maurice & Weiss of three men sitting, shivering together on board ship as icicles have formed on the ropes above them. The caption below reads, "Basking under the warm Pacific sun, fanned by the…

Oversized - WWII Drawings.
Homeward Herald page with drawings of six men and their profile descriptions of their duties to the Homeward Herald; including Maurice.
Verso: a drawn tattered paper with hand lettered quote, "When we assumed the…

Oversized - WWII Drawings.
Top labeled, "Homeward Herald's Staff." A drawing of five men and the descriptions of their duties at the Homeward Herald. Maurice explained, the ship they returned on carried several army units and it was these five…

Ship Returning - WWII Drawings.
Pencil drawing of Maurice with a mustache. It is signed, "Frank Rossman, 1946" and has an embossed official seal from President Johnson U.S. A.T. on the lower left over the drawing.

Ship Returning - WWII Drawings.
Ink cartoon drawing of Herman in civilian coat, tie and sweater vest and looking bewildered.
Verso: "Spring 1946".

Ship Returning - WWII Drawings.
Pencil portrait sketch of a man with open shirt and labeled: "La Sulle Morrow." On the lower right corner is an embossed official seal from President Johnson U.S. A.T. Maurice added, Morrow was on the ship newspaper…

Ship Returning - WWII Drawings.
An application for "A Short Course on Rotation from SWPA to USA" with a description of the course and purpose of the two week course on readjustment to the gentler life in the United States. Color illustrations on…
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