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WWII-Soldiering/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of the prison encampment for the captured Japanese prisoners of war. A barbed wire fence is in the foreground and a long line of men in the middle distance to the left. A guard stands next to a wooden fence…

WWII-Soldiering/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of soldiers standing and squatting on an open field. Mountains are in the far background.
Verso: "Nov 7, 1944. Scene during break at drill grounds. Two latrines are shown just to the rear of the furthest…

WWII-Services/New Guinea.
Ink drawing of an open area with screen tables, labeled, "Mess Hall from 'Dining Room'." Stacked supplies and a large truck are in the background.
Verso: "Nov. 15, 1944. My second session of K.P. This sketch was the…
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