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Twila Domine worked as the business manager for the Division for Creative arts for twenty three years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July, 2003, and in 2004 Domine received the Mario and Alma Pastege Staff Excellence Award. Domine passed…

A Willamette Valley Ponderosa pine tree was planted in January 2002 for Donovan Burbank. Burbank was a groundskeeper who loved to ride horses through the Ponderosa and who passed away in 2001. The tree is located on the east side of the Grove.…

Interior of Todd Hall in the kitchen with three people looking towards the camera. A stove is to the right and various cooking utensils are scattered throughout the room.
"Interior of Dorm kitchen shortly after it was built - these cooks…

A portrait of Dessa Hofstetter in the faculty pages of the yearbook.
The Grove, 1958, page 7.

A photo of librarian Dessa Hofstetter sitting outside with her cat, Blue, date unknkown. Mrs. Hofstetter was a 1926 Oregon College of Education alumna. She worked at the college from 1941 to 1966 as a librarian.

The three women standing at the far end of an industrial-style kitchen in the dormitory (now Todd Hall). On the backside is handwritten "From Mr. and Mrs. NE Schanbel To Miss Todd, Old Kitchen in Todd Hall Probably before 1917."
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