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Two Young men play the snare drum while in matching outfits of a striped shirt, and a white hat.
The Lamron, July 11, 1977.

Illustration depicting Wilma Wolf, the female version of our mascot wearing a sleeveless dress and a necklace.
Lamron2, June 4, 1971, page 4

Illustration of Wolf head with explanation of how to submit a question to the Dear wolfie section of Western Star 1996. Text, "Have a question that you need to have answered by an expert? Consult Wolfie, Western's mascot and miscellaneous…

Headshot of Waldo between a male and female student. The male student has his arm over Waldo's head.
WOSC Alumni News, Summer 1997, page 9.

Up-close portrait image of the stuffed wolf mascot with teeth bearing.
Lamron2, October 18, 1973, page 5.

Up-close portrait of Wolf, live malamute mix mascot, sitting while looking at the camera.
Western Star, February 21, 1991, page 8.

Wolf, the live mascot, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert as they make their rounds.
Caption, "Western's Best Friend. New Western Mascot, Wolf, a malamute wolf crossbreed, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert. Wolf was acquired over the…

A full body black Illustration of a wolf howling.
Western Star, January 26, 1996, page 12.

Photograph of 1959 Yell Queen Rita Welch holding pom poms and wearing a sweater with an image of a wolf emblem on the front.
OCE Lamron, March 6, 1959, page 1.

Waldo's Den Invitation with an illustration of a laughing wolf wearing a hat reading "OCE". The invitation says, "OCE Students Come Enjoy Waldo's Den Open 7p.m. to 11:45 p.m. Sun - Thurs, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Fri - Sat".
Lamron2, October 18, 1973, page…

Small Illustration of a bulky, muscly wolf with the words "WOSC Supporters… Be one! Buy One? Ask at the Register. Go Wolves".
LAMRON, September 20, 1984, page 10.

Illustration of Waldo Wolf wearing a small hat and a Sweater with a large 'O' on the front. He is showing off his muscles with one arm and his other hand on his hip and has his tongue sticking out. This illustration was named "Mr. Waldo Wolf" as the…

Group photo of the Eastern Washington State College Track Team with the Stuffed Wolf.
The Invoice for the Stuffed Wolf after the Eastern Washington track team kidnapped the stuffed wolf from the College Center.
OCE Lamron, June 4, 1971, page 1.

"Name Our Team" Poem written by Le Moine Murray. Poem Reads: "Sing a song of nicknames. Which one will you choose? There's Normans, Wolves and Owls, One can win, the rest must lose. Or if you know a better, Just send it in to us; Our football team…

A front facing photo of the stuffed wolf mascot.
OCE Lamron, January 21, 1971, page 5.

News article announcing the name change of the Fountain grill to "The Wolves Shack."
The Lamron, November 27, 1928, page 4.

Coach Larry Wolfe's portrait taken from the Lamron reading, "Larry Wolfe, head coach and athletic director of Oregon normal school, who is in his seventh year as mentor of the teams whose title of 'Wolves' have come from his name. Under his…

Wolfie poses with the OSU Beaver and the and U of O Duck mascots at a rally at the Capitol Building while fighting for more funding of higher education.
Caption: "Contact headlines editor at"
The Journal,…

Wolfie wearing a white sweatband and grey wolves t-shirt poses with student who is holding up a '1' hand sign during New Student Week in 2006.
Caption, "Wolfie attended New Student Week events and bonded with new students."
The Journal,…

Wolfie, wearing a red garment, poses while surrounded by seven peer mentors at the 2005 Premiere Night.
Caption, "Peer Mentors (one of 60+ campus organizations) pose with Wolfie on Premiere Night. WWW.ASWOU.ORG"
The Journal, October 5, 2005, page…

Photo taken of two mascots when changing from one to the next as an older mascot retires.
Caption, "Old meets new as the retiring "Waldo Wolf" mascot joins his successor on the track. The two mascots will celebrate the exchange at a ceremony…
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