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Hawaii Club Yearbook 1970 Resized.jpg
Photo from The Grove 1970. Page 53. A line of students standing next to each other. Some are wearing leis, some are barefoot, all are dancing. Caption in yearbook: "'Learn to Dance the Hawaiian way', a few from the audience tried."

Male student with facial hair sitting at table in library. He writes with his pencil. Books are visible on the shelf in the background. The shot is a close-up on the student.

Student in center of the frame holds a pencil against their head as they read in a book. There are piles of books surrounding them on the table in the front of the image. Behind the student, there are the book shelves filled with books out of focus.

Vampire Costume from Lander's Hall resized.jpg
Student dressed in ghost costume chases after another student who poses and screams at the camera. From the Grove yearbook, 1979, page 24.

Two students sit back to back as they study at separate desks in front of a window. The student on the left reads a newspaper. Through the window, there is the south end of the Administration Building. Because of this, it seems as though the…

Photograph shows the tennis courts on campus. In the left side of the photo, a female student jumps in the air holding her tennis racket high to hit a ball. Another female student stands with her back to the camera on the other side of the net in the…

Seven students crowd together on bleachers to smile at the camera. One student holds a tennis racket while others hold up hands indicating the "Okay" hand gesture.

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In the Natural Science Building, a professor gives a lecture on evolution to a class of students.

Students queue in line to register for classes in New PE. On the back wall are figures of people doing athletic activities and the words "Go Western."

A female student holds the ankles of a male student as he carves his name into wet cement. Other people can be seen in the background also signing their names. This is part of the annual tradition where new students sign their names on the sidewalk.

This bench located between Hamersly Library and the Old College of Education building was dedicated to H. Dale Harp after he passed away in 1993. Harp served as president of the executive council of the associated students in 1954.

Deborah "Debbie" Marie Fell and Tamara "Tammy" Lee Griffith were two students killed in a car accident on April 23, 1976. To honor their memory, a cherry tree with a plaque were dedicated to them. The tree is located in a corner on the west lawn of…

A memorial Cherry Blossom tree was planted for Whitney Bellinghausen after her death in 2008. Bellinghausen was an American Sign Language student who passed away after being severely injured in a car accident in February, 2008. The tree was dedicated…

Male and Women students, Billie Olsson, and Brian Howarth, sit down and enjoy the sun. The male student is working on a typewriter while the other student writes on paper holding a popsicle. A pillow is to the right of them.
The Grove, 1971

A male and woman student sit and read on a grassy lawn with view of a tree and an unidentified building behind them.
The Grove, 1971

A male student sits on the stump of a tree in the Grove while a female student sits on the grass in front of him. View of Monmouth Avenue and the Administration Building is in the background.

A student wearing sunglasses lies on her back in the grass. Her hair is fanned out behind her head while her hands rest on her stomach.

In Memoriam page of two OCE students, Russell Newhouse and Frank Swaski, who passed during World War 2. A quote along the bottom reads, "And now, in the morning of life, when the golden clouds rest sweetly and invitingly upon the mountains, and the…

Two women students stand in the bed of a truck that is covered in newspaper. A sign on the side reads, "Summer Lamron". The two women hold a sign that reads, "3rd Place".
The Lamron, July 11, 1977.

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