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Up-close portrait image of the stuffed wolf mascot with teeth bearing.
Lamron2, October 18, 1973, page 5.

Photograph of student Sandra Lorenzen next to the stuffed wolf mascot.
The Grove, 1972, page 143.

Student Sue Butcher, Executive Council Secretary straddles the stuffed wolf mascot on the cart and rides it to her weekly meeting.
The Grove, 1971, page 147.

Group photo of the Eastern Washington State College Track Team with the Stuffed Wolf.
The Invoice for the Stuffed Wolf after the Eastern Washington track team kidnapped the stuffed wolf from the College Center.
OCE Lamron, June 4, 1971, page 1.

A front facing photo of the stuffed wolf mascot.
OCE Lamron, January 21, 1971, page 5.
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