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Dean of Women, Jessica Todd, stands in the covered porch of the Senior Cottage in the center of the photograph. In front of her is a garden box filled with plants, and behind her is the door to the inside of the building.

Abstract painting showing motion and shapes.
oil on canvas.
Courtesy of the WOU Foundation Art collection.
Located near the stairs of The Cottage.

A painting of 19 tea bags in a grid like fashion.
watercolor on paper.
Courtesy of the WOU Foundation Art collection.
Located on the first floor of The Cottage.

Drawing of the foliage of a purple sage plant.
Vine charcoal.
Courtesy of the WOU Foundation Art collection.
Located on the first floor of The Cottage.

Hard edge painting of brightly colored trash cans in Chinatown, Portland, Oregon.
acrylic, 32"x48"
Courtesy of the Alfred P. Maurice Art Collection; Maruce.017.
Located on the first floor of The Cottage.

Entrance to the Peter & Gwen Stone Art Pavilion which houses kilns for the art department. Campbell Hall is on the right, and partial view of The Cottage is on the left in the background.
Photo Courtesy of Western University Archives

South wall of Todd Hall with view of 'The Birds' sculpture on the building. Taken from the west sidewalk with view of the Cottage on the right.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

Aerial View of the campus with the Natural Science Building in progress of being built. The old Physical Education building, Humanities and Social Sciences, Campbell Hall, and the Cottage are in view.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings:…

Full view of the South side of the Senior Cottage, covered in ivy, taken from the South lawn under a tree. Todd Hall is in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Senior Cottage

The senior cottage as viewed from the right corner as seen from under the arched cover on Todd Hall. A row of rose bushes line the front walk.
Norm yearbook, 1926, Page 47

Front view of the Senior Cottage with a handicapped ramp (without a hand rail) and also a signpost with no sign. The exterior wooden staircase to the end floor leading from the right side of the front porch has been replaced with a metal fire…

A postcard with an image of the Senior Cottage (built in 1917) showing the handicapped ramp leading to the front entrance. The sign in front reads "The Cottage." A corner of the wire fence from Teaching Research Children's Center is visible to the…

The Cottage as seen from the left side with the sign in view reading, "The Cottage University Advancement". The sidewalk stretches across with a lamp post.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

A Paper Mache wolf holding a book reading 'By The Women of Cottage' stands on the front lawn of The Cottage. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.
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