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This abstract sculpture by Manuel Izquierdo is located in the Grove near the New Physical Education Building. Funding for the sculpture was provided by the Associated Students of Oregon College of Education (ASOCE) and the OCE Senate. It was…

The dedication plaque is located at the southeast corner of the new grove, bounded by Ackerman Hall to the north and McArthur field on the south, the New Physical Education Center to the west and the Werner University Center to the east. The plaque…

A male student sits on the stump of a tree in the Grove while a female student sits on the grass in front of him. View of Monmouth Avenue and the Administration Building is in the background.

"Junior Class officers; Doug Pierce, Dick McIntyre, Dixie Keller, Bruce Carpenter, Bev Anderson, and Pat Lawler, stand in front of a large crane in a pile of loose branches from the Columbus Day Storm. View of the Health and Physical Education…

People walk in front of the Grove during the Columbus Day Storm.
From the Grove yearbook, 1963, page 04

A battered tree stands alone among chopped logs scattered along the ground. A man is seen to the right of the tree.
From the Grove yearbook, 1963, page 29

The Grove showing the Columbus Day Storm aftermath with trees on the ground and one leaning on smaller one still standing upright but has a broken top.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Columbus Day Storm

Aerial View of the campus with clear view of the grove, Todd Hall, ITC, Admin building, and surrounding buildings.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Aerial Views

Aerial View of the Campus with Campbell Hall, the Grove, and all the surrounding buildings and the Main Street of Monmouth. The 'Peanut Roaster' of the I&M railroad is heading toward Independence.
Old ACC.RG.2012.604: Item 314

A yearbook photo of Waldo Wolf from the back in partial profile, showing the length of his tail, while standing on the track.
The Grove, 1988, page 14.

Waldo Wolf wearing a number 00 jersey behind rope in front of a line of football players and holding large posters, face down. Two small boys in front of the rope, one smiling to the camera, the other looks at Waldo.
The Grove, 1987, page 3.

A banner reading 'TO-HOOT-WITH-THE-OWLS' on the front of Todd Hall. A cut out wolf pointing to the banner with the letters OCE on his shirt. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1953, page 32.

Photograph of a black makeshift steamroller with 'Waldo' written across the side and 'O.T.I Owls' on the roller. Waldo's head is on top with a crown that reads 'OCC', and the steamroller rolls over the head of an owl. This was a dormitory lawn…

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations in front of the Maaske Hall with a large sign depicting a bank called 'Maaskeville Bank Inc' and in front are cutouts of cowboys and a small sign that reads 'Shoot Cal Western.'
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations for a dormitory competition. The sign in front of Barnum reading 'Anything Goes' and includes drawing of a wolf head and a football player.
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

A Paper Mache wolf holding a book reading 'By The Women of Cottage' stands on the front lawn of The Cottage. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

A Paper Mache wolf standing on the lawn in front of the ITC Building. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

A ink illustration of a sketch of a wolf with a 'Dunce' hat on while sticking his tongue out towards a pile of textbooks stacked on a table to the right. The words 'Curriculum' is written across the top.
The Grove, 1954, page 15.

A group picture of the Wolf Knights with a wolf emblem on their uniform sweater.
The Grove, 1948, page 55.

A detail from the 1947 Grove year of a red illustration of a red wolf in the lower corner on every page.
The Grove, 1947

A detail from the 1947 Grove year of a red illustration of a red wolf paw print on every page.
The Grove, 1947.
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