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Located on the east lawn in front of Todd Hall, this urn was dedicated to Reverent John E. Murphy. Reverend Murphy was one of the cofounders of Christian College and the first minister of the Frist Christian Church of Monmouth.

The plaque on the…

Jessica Todd served as Dean of Women, and was fundamental in making the dormitories "beautiful and inspiring places to live." Upon her retirement after nineteen years at Oregon Normal School, the board of higher education named the women's dormitory,…

This mirror is located in the east stairwell in Todd Hall. Etched on the top of the mirror is "From Oregon State Grange to 'our girls'."

The image is of the mirror taken looking down the main stairwell. The walls are white and the banister can be…

One Male student shoots a basketball while riding a Donkey. Three other male students look towards him while riding Donkeys as well. View of spectators are in the background on the right.
The Grove, 1967

Two Twin students, Gloria and Glorene Hostetler look into the Todd Hall mirror at the top of the stairs. Caption below reads, "Gloria and Glorene Hostetler confuse the mirror as well as their Profs during final week"
The Norm, 1950

Four bird sculptures attached to the side of Todd Hall, flying up.
The accompanying plaque reads, ""Ascent pays homage to learning and the wondrous awakening that is the result of an opened mind. The University is a nest, a safe place to discover,…

Front entrance of the Neal W. Werner University Center with view of the bell tower, and the silver sculpture. 'Voyage to Excellence,' in front. A partial view of Todd Hall is to the left.
Photo Courtesy of Western University Archives

Close up of Todd Hall with view of a sign on the front lawn reading, "Todd Hall
Teaching Research
A Dvision of O.S.S.H.E."
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Todd Hall

Exterior of early Todd Hall with ivy starting to creep up the walls with partial view of a vehicle to the right. Taken across the dirt path which is now Monmouth Ave.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Todd Hall

The interior of the dining room in Todd Hall. Groups of women are seated at the tables with silverware neatly placed in front of them. It was a practice to have formal dinners on Sundays and Wednesdays to learn good table manners. The hostess of…

Interior of the Music Room in Todd Hall with view of two people sitting at the piano. A fireplace is on the left.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Todd Hall

Interior of Todd Hall in the kitchen with three people looking towards the camera. A stove is to the right and various cooking utensils are scattered throughout the room.
"Interior of Dorm kitchen shortly after it was built - these cooks…

Todd Hall covered in ivy. Taken from across Monmouth Avenue. Todd Hall was built in 1912. It housed female students until 1971. Starting in 1971, it was used for offices for the Teaching Research Institute.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings:…

Interior of Todd Hall with rows of people eating dinner with their silverware placed neatly on the table. Their faces are all turned towards the camera.
"Dr. Inlow
Dr Santee - X at Rear
Harold Santee - X at center
Miss Arbuthnot

Todd Hall front East entrance as seen from across Monmouth Avenue with view of the sign on the left reading, "Todd Hall"
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives


North and west walls of Todd Hall with view of a bus and vehicle parked across the street. Taken from across Church Street.
Photo Courtesy of Western University Archives


Upclose of the west wall of Todd Hall with view of the sign in front reading, "Todd Hall
The Teaching Research Institute
The Child Development Center
Modern Languages". 'The Birds' sculpture is prominent in the center of the…

South wall of Todd Hall with view of 'The Birds' sculpture on the building. Taken from the west sidewalk with view of the Cottage on the right.
Photo courtesy of Western University Archives

A group of running participants in 'Waldo's Mile' with view of the football field, Maple Hall, and Todd Hall in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Track

The old stadium taken from the bleachers with the football field, goal post, and grove is in view. New PE, Student Health Center, College Center, Todd Hall, and part of Maple Hall are seen in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2015.018: McArthur Stadium

Full view of the South side of the Senior Cottage, covered in ivy, taken from the South lawn under a tree. Todd Hall is in the background.
Old ACC.RG.2012.601 Photographs/Buildings: Senior Cottage
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