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Illustration of Wolf head with explanation of how to submit a question to the Dear wolfie section of Western Star 1996. Text, "Have a question that you need to have answered by an expert? Consult Wolfie, Western's mascot and miscellaneous…

Headshot of Waldo between a male and female student. The male student has his arm over Waldo's head.
WOSC Alumni News, Summer 1997, page 9.

A yearbook photo of Waldo Wolf from the back in partial profile, showing the length of his tail, while standing on the track.
The Grove, 1988, page 14.

Waldo Wolf wearing a number 00 jersey behind rope in front of a line of football players and holding large posters, face down. Two small boys in front of the rope, one smiling to the camera, the other looks at Waldo.
The Grove, 1987, page 3.

Up-close portrait of Waldo, WOSC wolf mascot, waving to the camera while wearing a number 00 Jersey with football team in background.
Caption, "Top left: The Rally and Waldo in action. Above: Waldo at his best."
The Grove, 1987, page 27.

Photograph of a black makeshift steamroller with 'Waldo' written across the side and 'O.T.I Owls' on the roller. Waldo's head is on top with a crown that reads 'OCC', and the steamroller rolls over the head of an owl. This was a dormitory lawn…

Waldo's Den Invitation with an illustration of a laughing wolf wearing a hat reading "OCE". The invitation says, "OCE Students Come Enjoy Waldo's Den Open 7p.m. to 11:45 p.m. Sun - Thurs, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Fri - Sat".
Lamron2, October 18, 1973, page…

Illustration of Waldo Wolf wearing a small hat and a Sweater with a large 'O' on the front. He is showing off his muscles with one arm and his other hand on his hip and has his tongue sticking out. This illustration was named "Mr. Waldo Wolf" as the…

Student Sue Butcher, Executive Council Secretary straddles the stuffed wolf mascot on the cart and rides it to her weekly meeting.
The Grove, 1971, page 147.

A front facing photo of the stuffed wolf mascot.
OCE Lamron, January 21, 1971, page 5.

A black, white and red wood block of a wolf. This was the first time that a wolf as the school mascot appears in a school publication.
The Norm, 1929, page 134b.

Five of the Mascots strike a pose by a line of pompoms in front of Ackerman Hall in 2016.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuiaño from Public Relations.

Black and white photo of the older mascot running behind the newer black mascot on the track announcing the exchange ceremony at halftime of the 1994 Homecoming football game.
Caption, "The old Waldo (left) will pass his duties on to the new Waldo…

Photo taken of two mascots when changing from one to the next as an older mascot retires.
Caption, "Old meets new as the retiring "Waldo Wolf" mascot joins his successor on the track. The two mascots will celebrate the exchange at a ceremony…

Two mascots stand side by side with the old mascot holding a Western Oregon pennant in front of his face, and the newer mascot holding a golf club in his right hand. The two mascots arms are interlocked with each other.
Text, "Changing of the…

President Betty Youngblood Waldo walking between two mascots in the exchange ceremony at Homecoming 1997.
WOU Alumni News, 1998, page 8.

Mascot sits at table in between seniors at the Senior Send off for Class of 1998.
WOU Alumni News, 1998, page 9.

Waldo holds up a 'Noise' sign at a rally while on the track while a cheerleader rallies behind him.
WOSC Alumni News, 1997, page 7.

Five Mascots strike a pose on the football field with the bleachers in the background surrounded by the 2016 cheerleaders on either side.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from Public Relations

Group photograph of the five mascots in the bleachers surrounded by the cheerleaders. The Western Oregon Wolves black banner in the background and signs on the left and right that read 'GO' and 'WOLVES'.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from…

Five Mascots walking across the street in a line with view of the cars parked on the side of the road mimicking the Abby Road Beetles album cover.
Photo courtesy of Denise Visuaño from Public Relations
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