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Illustration depicting Wilma Wolf, the female version of our mascot wearing a sleeveless dress and a necklace.
Lamron2, June 4, 1971, page 4

A yearbook photo of Waldo Wolf from the back in partial profile, showing the length of his tail, while standing on the track.
The Grove, 1988, page 14.

Waldo Wolf wearing a number 00 jersey behind rope in front of a line of football players and holding large posters, face down. Two small boys in front of the rope, one smiling to the camera, the other looks at Waldo.
The Grove, 1987, page 3.

Up-close portrait image of the stuffed wolf mascot with teeth bearing.
Lamron2, October 18, 1973, page 5.

Up-close portrait of Wolf, live malamute mix mascot, sitting while looking at the camera.
Western Star, February 21, 1991, page 8.

Up-close portrait of Waldo, WOSC wolf mascot, waving to the camera while wearing a number 00 Jersey with football team in background.
Caption, "Top left: The Rally and Waldo in action. Above: Waldo at his best."
The Grove, 1987, page 27.

Wolf, the live mascot, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert as they make their rounds.
Caption, "Western's Best Friend. New Western Mascot, Wolf, a malamute wolf crossbreed, poses with security guard, Jim Neifert. Wolf was acquired over the…

Street View of the College Inn, the soda fountain that was once on campus, with a man standing in the street in front of it. A man and a woman, presumably the owners, stand by the building. The College Inn was later renamed The Wolves Shack.

A full body black Illustration of a wolf howling.
Western Star, January 26, 1996, page 12.

A detail from the 1990 Grove yearbook cover with a pencil and ink illustration of a howling wolf's head.
The Grove, 1990, front cover.

A Wolves Band member holds a baby with his back facing the camera showing a laughing wolf logo.
The Grove, 1987, page 3.

Illustration of a wolf used in the early 1980's as an athletic invitation from Richard Meyers to attend the basketball games with words that read 'The Wolves Want You!' Waldo is drawn with a fierce expression and is pointing in the same fashion as…

Photograph of student Sandra Lorenzen next to the stuffed wolf mascot.
The Grove, 1972, page 143.

A banner reading 'TO-HOOT-WITH-THE-OWLS' on the front of Todd Hall. A cut out wolf pointing to the banner with the letters OCE on his shirt. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1953, page 32.

Photograph of a black makeshift steamroller with 'Waldo' written across the side and 'O.T.I Owls' on the roller. Waldo's head is on top with a crown that reads 'OCC', and the steamroller rolls over the head of an owl. This was a dormitory lawn…

Photograph of 1959 Yell Queen Rita Welch holding pom poms and wearing a sweater with an image of a wolf emblem on the front.
OCE Lamron, March 6, 1959, page 1.

A 1968 Homecoming lawn decorations for a dormitory competition. The sign in front of Barnum reading 'Anything Goes' and includes drawing of a wolf head and a football player.
The Grove, 1969, page 31.

Illustration of a laughing wolf head with 'OCE' on his hat, while bearing his sharp teeth with eyes closed. Red Background. Taken from the OCE Sports 1971-1972 Winter Sports Schedule Pamphlet.
Old ACC.RG.2012.885, Clubs - Wolfpack Athletic Club.

Red Illustration of a realisitc wolf head bearing sharp teeth. This was used as a Basketball logo in 1981-82. Taken from the 1981-82 OCE Women's and Men's Basketball Schedule.
Old ACC.RG.2012.885, Clubs - Wolfpack Athletic Club. .

A Paper Mache wolf holding a book reading 'By The Women of Cottage' stands on the front lawn of The Cottage. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.

A Paper Mache wolf standing on the lawn in front of the ITC Building. This was a dormitory lawn display competition for homecoming.
The Grove, 1969, page 30.
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