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Alfred P. Maurice WWII Drawings


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Alfred P. Maurice WWII Drawings


The Alfred P. Maurice WWII Drawings collection consists of drawings and sketches completed during Mr. Maurice’s service with the Army Air Corps between 1942 and 1946. The drawings are broken down into categories that include: training at the Army Specialized Training Program at Michigan State College; training at Lowry Field in Denver, Colorado; travel by train across Midwest to Marysville, California; shipboard travel to and from the South Pacific; and time served in New Guinea and the Philippines.
In an interview while reviewing each drawing, Mr. Maurice added explanations to many descriptions in this collection. The drawings in this collection along with the added interview tell the story of one soldier’s experience serving during World War II.
Alfred P. Maurice was born in New Hampshire in March 1921. His lifelong art career has included: Muralist for National Youth Administration; Instructor and Administrator of the Art Program at Michigan State, Macalester College University of New York, New Paltz, Maryland Institute College of Art, and University of Illinois at Chicago; and Creator/Director of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Michigan.
Letters written to his wife (then fiancée) during his time in service from 1944-1946 are available in Digital Commons @ WOU. Some of the letters have information about the images this collection.
The image scanning by James Masnov and Kalea Borling, WOU Archives student employees. Descriptions by Kalea Borling with editing assistance provided by Zoe Strickland, WOU Archives student employee and Jerrie Lee Parpart, WOU Archives Coordinator.


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