Bomb Sight Technical Drawing, details 1943




Bomb Sight Technical Drawing, details 1943


Denver - Lowry Field - WWII Drawings.
Pencil technical drawing of a three wheeled mechanical bombsight.
Maurice explained the drawing as a tall elevated vehicle built of pipe with small wheels and a motor. At the top was the platform with the bombsight mounted on a raised holder hooked up to an electronic magnet and a nail. They practiced in a large hanger with a Coca-Cola bottle at one end and the bombsight machine platform on the other. The person on the platform would sight in on the Coca-Cola bottle from the other end of the hanger. When it was in sight they would turn on the machine and instead of guiding a plane it would guide the platform driven by an electric motor. The object was to aim the bombsight from the platform to the bottle, start the bombsight platform, so that when the platform moved down to where the bottle was, the magnet would release and the nail would drive down the neck of the coca cola bottle. This was to teach them to aim the bombsight properly. It was very accurate. Nordon was the name of the bombsight and one of the greatest secrets of the early war. Diagram names the different parts. The drawing was done in Denver, Colorado where Maurice was studying to be a bombsight mechanic. When he graduated he was kept on as a math teacher. When they found he wasn't capable of teaching math they uses his artist talents to draw the technical manuals.


Maurice, Alfred P., ‏ 1921-



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Denver (Colo.)


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