Ground Breaking Ceremony for Administration Building




Ground Breaking Ceremony for Administration Building


President J.A. Churchill holding the golden shovel while students and faculty crowd behind him behind a rope.
Verso: "In late 1935 or early 1936 ground was broken for the building named the Administration Building and which still carries that name in 1973, at this writing.
Pictured is J.A. Churchhill, President of ONS 1932 to 1939. The shovel in Mr. Churchhill's hand has been used in ground-breaking ceremonies for several buildings since that time. It is now in the OCE Archives.
identifiable in the gathering are several students and faculty among the crows which gathered to observe the breaking of ground.
Ground for the physical education and health building was broken about the same time, but I do not recall any ceremony in connection with that building.
Grants of Public Works Administration funds made these two building[sic] possible.
I believe it is accurate to say that no new building had been built on the campus prior to this time since the West addition to the dormitory (Todd Hall) in 1917.
Ellis A. Stebbins
Dec 12, 1973"
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