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University Presidents

Biographies and other information about the presidents of WOU and its predecessors.


Chile Frontier History: The Caburgua Visual Archive

This essay on life in Caburgua, Chile was written by John Rector to accompany the Caburgua Visual Archive collection.

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Chile y la frontera: un viaje al pasado de Caburgua

An essay in Spanish on life in Caburgua, Chile was written by John Rector to accompany the Caburgua Visual Archive collection.

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Western Oregon University Dance Program Exhibit

This exhibit provides a brief history of the dance program at Western Oregon University and its predecessor institutions for the 40th anniversary from 1976 to 2016.

Rural Training Schools Exhibit

A brief history of the rural training school program which gave student teachers classroom experience in a rural school setting.  


We Are Wolves: History of the WOU Mascot


This exhibit is an overview of the school mascot from 1927 to 2017.  It inculdes images from early publications, use of the wolf image in events and five of the mascot costumes.  

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Women of WOU


This exhibit explores select notable women in the university’s history who have made significant contributions to the institution, the state of Oregon, or made a national impact. 

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Alfred P. Maurice WWII Envelopes


A sub-set of the Alfred P. Maurice WWII Drawings Collection containing the envelopes of letters sent to his fiancée during his services at the end World War II. 


Columbus Day Storm


The Columbus Day Storm on October 12, 1962, hit the West Coast with up to 120 mph winds along 1,000 miles of coastline. It caused a large amount of damage to various locations along the coast and especially to our own University. This exhibit shows the effects on the buildings, and people of the University due to the storm.

History of the WOU Library


This exhibit describes the history of WOU's library, from a small 200-volume collection in 1877 to the opening of the Wayne and Lynn Hamersly Library in 2000.