Rio Blanco School Caburgua


Rio Blanco School Caburgua


As late as the 1960s, the Rio Blanco community had no school. Although neighbors completed part of the building, the project lingered without windows or interior paneling. In 1967, however, community leaders such as the Peña and Albornoz families organized a fiesta to raise funds to finish the school. Unfortunately, the first teacher assigned to the school quit after two weeks. She found Rio Blanco too isolated. It was a two hour horseback ride from Lake Caburgua and another hour boat ride to the nearest road. Neighbors had better luck with the next teacher. Years later a road would be built to give access to Cunco. The hot springs in the valley would also be developed. It would be interesting to know how many Rio Blanco students continued their educational careers elsewhere.
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Rector, John Lawrence, 1943-



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